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Slaves of Freedom[ghulam-e-azadi]

Now this is a guy who has just started to put his thoughts into words and i like what i read 🙂

Lazy Fort

Yes, I am independent. Yes, I have grown. Yes, I am a nuclear power. But still I am not who I was meant to be, all the dreams I once had are crushed, I have fallen into abyss. My people are suffering, my lands are burning, my eyes are crying, and my minds are clueless. I know you don’t believe me, and you don’t have to because you are another one of those idealists who believes that they are living in a wonderland. May be you are right, may be you are from some higher level of this bottomless pit. Let me narrate a story for you, which might make you realize how wonderful your wonderland is.

I was fighting in World War-II under the flag of British rule. I was battling the Germans, while fantasizing about the day when I will be fighting my own war instead of dancing…

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